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The Arcane Society: Left-Hand Paths
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A serious study group dedicated to Satanic and Left-Hand Paths, philosophies and ideas.
The Arcane Society is a study group designed for serious students of Left-Hand philosophies. Anyone may join, but membership must be approved before you may post. Some of our areas of focus will be Left-Hand Paths, Satanism (Modern and Theistic), Chaos Magick, Theology and much more including so-called dark or black magickal practices such as cursing, destructive magick and hexing.

Upon approval of your application, please make an introductory post including the following information:



Present path or belief system:

Are you a student of the Occult?

How long have you been one?

What is your purpose for joining this group?

In addition, I would like to make it clear that there will be no debating the validity of any path. Spiritual experiences and convictions are subjective, so there can be no invalidation of any individual's personal beliefs. This will include the on-going debate between LaVeyan Satanists and Theistic Satanists as to whom is 'legit'.

I expect regular participation in this group as it is a study group and not a lurking group. Feel free to post any questions and prompts to the community at your leisure.

In addition, I have only a few more rules:

1. No Bible-thumpers allowed. While we accept memberships from Christians, we will not tolerate being preached to or threatened with 'Hell'. Many of us would actually like to go there, so please don't assume that we believe as you do nor that we will ever be convinced to 'come to your side'.

2. Please don't assume that everyone believes in Karma or such Wiccan ideas of 'an it harm none' or the 'Law of Threefold Return'.

3. We don't like the word 'evil' as it is, again, subjective and its definition dependent upon the personal moral and ethical convictions of the person defining it. If you believe that something is 'evil', then please don't project your beliefs on everyone else. Refrain from participating in the conversation if your goal is to vilify an idea or person.

4. Absolutely no flaming. Please keep sarcasm and passive-aggressive comments to a minimum.